VR38 RB Series Coil Brackets – Different Colors

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VR38 RB Series Coil brackets

  • 2 Piece design makes fitment a breeze.
  • Colours available: Red, Blue, Black, Purple or raw Aluminium.
  • Hardware Included
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Eaparts Have a range of VR38 RB series coil brackets for different engines.

Our brackets are constructed from 6061 T-6 alloy on a CNC machine. We have a range of different brackets for different engines and a range of different colors. All brackets come with mounting hardware.

Certain brackets require additional spacers if You plan to run the standard coil stalks of the VR38 coils.

Other engines are in our line of scope and we plan to design and have brackets tested and made in the future.

We strive to provide a cheaper alternative to other ” Pricey ” brackets on the market whilst maintaining quality parts.

Vr38 RB Series Coil Brackets Technical Specifications:


  • Custom machined on a CNC from 6061 T-6 Alloy Aluminium.
  • 2 Piece design makes fitment a breeze.
  • Finished in a hard-anodized finish which not only looks good but hardens the allow in the finishing process.
  • Colours available: Red, Blue, Black, Purple or raw Aluminium.
  • Will fit RB20DE, RB20DET, RB25DE, RB25DET S1 AND S2, RB26DETT. Please note will not fit NEO series engines.


  • Includes: 6x Coil mounting bolts, 4x Head to bracket risers, 4x Bracket to riser bolts.

What are VR38 RB Series Coil Brackets Used For?

Whenever a well-engineered vehicle is brought out in the market. Fellow enthusiasts tend to find what those cars can offer “Parts Wise”.

If you know your RB engines you will know about the promised failure of almost all factory coils. Over the years we have had many alternatives arise as a replacement or upgrade. Many people have opted for the wasted spark conversion which wasn’t only cheap and affordable, they could be found at almost any wrecker and yielded great results over the factory coil systems. But as time goes on and more technology arises people start hunting for more power. Although the wasted spark was a decent upgrade they were not a reliable option when people began pushing for more power. Our VR38 RB Series Coil Brackets allow these coils to be fitted to your RB series engines.

There is a number of these coils available on the market, Hitachi or Genuine Nissan coils will allow spark in excess of 1500hp whereas the cheaper aftermarket VR38 coils are known to perform up to around 1000hp.


What Are The Benefits Of VR38 RB Series Coil Brackets?

If you decide you have finally had enough of repetitive coil issues on your RB engine, Then these are what you are going to need to sort spark issues once and for all.

Lo and behold the VR38 Smart coils. These coils can be found in the factory Nissan R35 GTR. These coils have been known to generate spark on engines with up to 2000hp with zero breakdown. There is also very little talk of these coils failing.  In order to mount these coils, you will require this bracket. The coils do hold there value but once replaced you will not have to worry about spark issues anymore. Our brackets are priced below market value cause we understand that coils still need to be purchased on top of the bracket.

On certain RB coil looms these coils are also plug and play. Meaning they have the same wiring designations as factory coils.Although some of the sheath may need to be removed to allow the plugs to reach the coils.

Examples Where VR38 RB Series Coil Brackets are Used:

This style of bracket has taken the RB community by storm, They are very aesthetically pleasing and allow the coils to be mounted in the original position. Many aftermarket alternatives mount the coils outside of the valley which does aid with cooling but becomes very bulky and is very hard to make look tidy. Shortening can be done to the risers and with the addition of shorter coil stalks to allow you to run the coils underneath the factory coil cover.

They can be found on many race cars, Drift cars and daily used vehicles with RB Engines fitted all over the globe.




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Weight3 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 5 cm
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  1. Jake

    My rb25det keep having problems with the coils so I brought these and an set of coils, cars running better than ever and gives my engine bay and nice look!

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