RB Twin Cam Heater Delete – Different Colors, Braid Options

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Eaparts RB Twin cam heater delete, available in different colored fittings and different braids.

Eaparts RB Twin cam heater delete.

We stock these in a variety of options.

With these engines getting rather old in age the factory tin heater outlets tend to rust out over time.

If the engine hasn’t been well looked after throughout its life with regular maintenance and the use of anti-freeze this can usually be the cause.

When it comes to engine conversions many people tend to bypass this circuit.

With the way, the factory setup is you are left with an untidy array of hoses and other outlets that require them to be capped off.

Which may also still cause future leakage.

We offer this kit as a reliable easy way to get rid of the heater circuit all together installation is very simple and can be done with basic tools.

You choose the color, Fittings and the type of braided hose used. We also have the option to add a fire sleeve for added protection.


What is The RB Twin Cam Heater Delete Used For?


A common solution thrown around the internet is to just block the inlet and outlet for the heater.

But this concept lacks the basic fundamentals of how the heater Circuit should run and creates other problems.

For example, there is no coolant flow to the rear of the engine Which causes the water to boil in the rear of the block.

Also, there’s no flow over the rear of the thermostat Which may cause cavitation whilst trying to suck water through the valve on the thermostat.

However, Blocking the ports can be done but may cause catastrophic damage in the long term.

Using one of our RB Twin Cam Heater Deletes is the correct way to bypass the heater.

It not only replaces the hose with a more durable braided hose it also uses quality AN fittings and one of our custom AN heater outlet upgrades.


What Are The Benefits of a RB Twin Cam Heater Delete?


Simply put, Our heater deletes really tidy up the hoses underneath the intake. They remove all unnecessary hoses that are not needed when deleting the heater.

It is possible to run rubber hoses to bypass on a standard setup.

But you are left with a mess beneath the intake.

There are also 2 ports you will need to plug which all become potential points of leaks and you will most probably run into more leaks again in the future.

If you know your RBs you will be familiar with the infamous heater hose leak issues. These kits eliminate that common problem once and for all.

Our Heater delete really tidys it up and you still have the option top run coolant to your turbo via the AN6 port on our replacement heater outlet.

Minimal tools are required to install this kit, and unlike others out there no welding to your engine block is required.


Examples Where a RB Twin Cam Heater Delete are Used?


This heater delete, in particular, can only be used on Twin cam RB series engines. The only RB engines this kit will not fit is the RB30e Single cam engine.

Our RB twin Cam Heater Delete is very popular amongst the guys with drift, track and race cars.

As most would know a heater in a race car is quite unheard of.

The obvious solution would be to delete it reliably which makes our kit the perfect option.

Although not limited to the race cars many guys do indeed run this on streetcars as well.

If you are wanting to retain your heater, Please check out our RB Braided AN Heater Hose Conversion


Take a look at one of our customers to install of this kit in particular, Was installed on a daily driven R34 RB30DET


Some more information on how the Press Fit style fittings work https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interference_fit

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm
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