RB-SR Braided Power Steering Lines – Different Types and Colors

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Eaparts  RB/SR Braided Power Steering Kits, Different color options, Can be custom made to requirements.

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Eaparts  RB-SR Braided Power Steering Lines, We have different kits available to suit both R and S Chassis cars.

We have a couple options, Complete High and Low pressure conversion. We also supply just the High pressure conversion.

Replace those old worn out lines that are prone to leakage if they are not leaking already.

All kits include custom o ring rack fittings specifically for the Nissan racks. Our high pressure lines are constructed from Teflon braided line and have a working pressure of 1000+ psi .

Our power steering lines really tidy up the engine bay and leave a beautiful look from the factory ugly setup.

We can also custom make them to suit your requirements.

Note: With the complete conversion kit certain reservoirs require the flares to be removed.

What Are The Braided Power Steering Lines Used For?

Our Braided power steering Lines are for replacing those tired old, Prone to leaking stock lines. As cars tend to age it is very common for the stock lines to start perishing and failing.

Most commonly leaking at the crimps. Our kits are designed as a complete replacement for the stock lines.

It can be hard to find OEM Replacements and even then they tend to be quite expensive.

For information on how the power steering system works and what it is used for. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_steering


What Are The Benefits of Braided Power Steering Lines?

With our braided power steering lines it gives people an alternative option when it comes to replacing old, faulty, Leaky lines. As mentioned above, It can be hard to find a replacement once your lines begin leaking. Majority of the time if you cant find a good condition second hand set, It becomes a custom job for the hydraulic guys. Which can prove costly and time consuming.

Our Lines make it easy to replace at an affordable price. Not only that they bring life to the engine bay with the sleek look of the Braid with the anodized AN fittings. Our High pressure lines use an inner PTFE tube which is resistant to most chemicals and oils on the market. Not only that, they have a working pressure of 3000 psi and a burst pressure of 10000 psi with a temperature range of  -60° to 260°. The power steering system can see spikes of around 1200 psi at times. Which makes our lines perfect for the task of pump fluid to and from the steering rack in your vehicle.

Using braided lines in vehicles has been done for years. Weather its a car, Aircraft or Army vehicles. They have proven there worth in the automotive industry.


Examples Where Braided Power Steering Lines Are Used?

Certain manufacturers use braided on there power steering lines from factory. But Most commonly you will find a steel / rubber combination in most vehicles.

They are very common in the automotive Motorsport industry. The beauty of these lines is the ease of adding a power steering cooler to the system. You will find in many Motorsports especially drifting where the steering system has a lot of use. With the increased activity of the steering system the fluid tends to heat up when this happens it loses its viscosity. This is why you will see power steering coolers on many race cars.

Many car enthusiasts take pride in modifying there engine bays. The addition of braided is very common not only does it provide a safe reliable upgrade to the existing hoses, They have a very aesthetically pleasing look at the same time.

If you head over to our Projects section on our site you will see a customers vehicle with one of our Braided Power Steering kits and keep an eye on a “How To” in the near future.


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3 reviews for RB-SR Braided Power Steering Lines – Different Types and Colors

  1. Jacob

    Keep having leaks in my power steering set up and getting oil on my new drive way, seen this kit on Facebook and though I can’t go wrong for that price so I purchased it a couple of months ago and haven’t had anymore leaking since! Also puts abit of bling in my engine bay! Cheers ea parts!

  2. Liam (verified owner)

    Bought this for my drift car and he was very helpful making a custom setup to some issues I had. Easy to install and can’t beat the price, recommend to anyone wanting an easy setup that looks great 👍🏻

  3. Luke Williams

    Good quality product, happy with the item itself looks and works great
    Customer service was a bit slow but came through with the goods in the end which is the important part, also ordered from Australia so take that into consideration

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