RB Braided AN Heater Conversion AN10 – Different Colors, Braid and Options

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RB Braided AN heater Hose conversion, Different color options and braid available.

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Eaparts RB Braided AN heater  conversion, have the option of different colored fittings and choice of braided hose.

Our custom Eaparts block fitting and heater core flanges are made from quality 6061 T-6 alloy.

The kit has been designed based off a R32 chassis but also known to work with other models. Has also been fitted to A31 cefiro and S13 Silvia.

This kit provides a New age upgrade for those old brittle parts that are prone to failure.

Included in the kit is:

Eaparts RB Heater Hose Outlet AN10

2X Eaparts AN10 Heater core flanges

3X AN10 90 degree hose ends

2X AN10 Bulk head fittings

2X An10 90 degree female unions

AN10 0 degree hose end

AN10 Rear heater outlet

Braided hose

( Optional Fire Sleeve)

What Is The RB Braided AN Heater Conversion Used For?

The main purpose of this kit is to replace the complete heater circuit with much more reliable designed parts and AN10 Braided hose.

If you are familiar with the RB engine you will most likely have encountered leaky heater hoses at some stage.

Weather it was a pinhole leak and one of the hose clamps, A rusty broken away heater outlet fitting or brittle broken plastic firewall outlets, These problems are all too common for these vehicles.

Our kit replaces all of those aged parts and at the same time, tidy’s the entire heater hose circuit. And let’s face it, We all love the beautiful look of braided hoses with AN fittings in our engine bays.


What Are The Benefits Of The

RB Braided AN Heater Conversion?


With this kit, in general, There are a number of benefits.

Firstly the fact that you can overhaul the entire heater hose circuit with one kit from all the hoses, Both block fittings, and the brittle plastic heater outlets.

It’s very common for the front press-fit heater outlet to rust out due to the age of these motors we offer a robust solution which is a direct replacement/upgrade.

The plastic heater core outlets get very brittle over time. If they haven’t already chipped and cracked away, Consider yourself lucky.

Our Rb Braided Heater Hose Conversion comes with replacement 6061 T-6 Alloy replacement flanges which replaces the plastic ones and allows fitment of an10 bulkheads through the firewall.

Much more robust than the plastic and at the same time eliminating hose clamps with a much more preferred AN Fitting style. A much easier way to connect and remove heater hoses also.

The look the Rb Braided Heater Hose Conversion gives to your engine bay is one of a kind. Running braided on your engine looks awesome.

Which is almost always done on the easier stuff like catch cans turbo oil feeds etc.

But among all those beautiful lines you will almost always see the ugly looking rubber hoses connecting to the firewall, They are hard to look nice.

Not anymore this is the solution to be rid of the dull black rubber once and for all.

Examples Where The RB Braided AN Heater Conversion is used:


Our RB Braided AN heater  conversion has been used on a number of different cars and conversions.

This particular kit is to cater for streetcars mainly that choose to retain the full function of the heater in their vehicles.

Fitted to various skyline chassis this kit has also been known to work in an s13 Silvia with RB engine conversion.

We have also made a kit for an LS1 engine into an R32 skyline to retain full heater control. we have this particular kit also.

There are not many other solutions on the market like this.

We are always working on designing more kits like this so keep an eye out for new kits we may release in the future.

If you do not wish to retain your heater, Then check out our RB Twin Cam Heater Deletes.


For more information on how the Press Fit Fittings work: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interference_fit

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm
Colours Fittings: No selection


Braid: No selection


Options: No selection


2 reviews for RB Braided AN Heater Conversion AN10 – Different Colors, Braid and Options

  1. Jacob

    Absolutely love my braided heater core set up! Such good Quality at a very great price, Super happy that I don’t need to worry about my factory heat hoses cracking and draining out my anti freeze anymore ! 10/10 good Communication from company and fast shipping!

  2. Isaac

    Highly recommended great service no muck around.

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