Oil Cooler Kits – Different Sizes, Braid and Fittings Colour

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  • Various Sized Coolers Available From 8 Row to 30 Row
  • Cooler Colours Available in Black or Silver
  • AN10 Fittings Included: 2x 90 Degrees, 2x 0 Degrees
  • 2M of Braid, Material: Nylon Black or Stainless
  • Can Also Be Customized To Suit Your Requirements

Eaparts  Oil Cooler Kits, We have a range of oil cooler kits to suit your requirements.

We have a few options of oil cooler sizes ranging from 8 Row up to  30 Row coolers.

They are supplied with Oil sandwich plates or wedge adapters depending on which engine you are running the kit on.

We can build kits suited to what you need.

  • Our universal kits include:
  • Oil Cooler
  • 2X AN10 90 Degree hose ends
  • 2X AN10 0 Degree hose ends
  • Oil sandwich adapter
  • 2M Of braided line

You Choose the colour fittings, Type of braid and cooler size.

We can also make kits for power steering systems etc.

Oil Cooler Kits Technical Specifications:


The AN (Army Navy) fittings were invented back in WW2. They have a 37-degree flare which achieves a metal to metal seal.

There is no need for Teflon tape and thread sealant with this type of fitting. They are the fitting of choice when it comes to the Automotive modification industry.

  • Constructed from quality 6061 T-6 alloy
  • O ring seal allows 360degree swivel rotation
  • 37 degree AN flare assures leak-proof seal

Braided Hose:

Our 100 series braided hose is supplied with these kits. We have a couple of styles to choose from.

Nylon black and stainless.Both styles of 100 series hose have a synthetic rubber inner wall with a stainless reinforced braid inside the rubber wall.

  • Temperature: – 40 Degree to 180 Degree C
  • Hose I.D: 14.29mm, Hose O.D: 20.83mm

Oil Cooler:

Our oil coolers come in a range of sizes, Colours and different styles of fittings to suit your requirements.

  • Black or silver finish
  • Working Temperature: -40 to 150°C
  • Max Pressure: 1 MPa (10 BAR)
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Cooler Design: Bar and Plate

What Are Oil Cooler Kits Used For?

Oil coolers are like small radiators and have one primary purpose.

Just like their name states, they are to cool oil. Whether its for an engine, Transmission, Power steering or differential.

They can be used inline and at the same time, they also allow a high capacity of oil to be used.

Examples Where Oil Cooler Kits Used:

As explained below there are many uses for an oil cooler kit. The most common is on engines.

With our universal kits, it makes it very easy as the sandwich plate sandwichs between the existing oil filter and gives you provisions to attach the lines and cooler too.

The majority of transmissions already have provisions to connect an oil cooler.

They usually run an arrangement of steel lines that are  looped. So adding an oil cooler into this circuit can be relatively easy.

Whether you just add one into the circuit or replace the entire lines from the transmission we will be able to help out with what you want to achieve.

Adding a power steering cooler is also an easy task. Attaching to the low-pressure side so the fluid returned from the rack is cooled before it re-enters the reservoir.

What Are The Benefits Of Oil Cooler Kits?

There are many benefits to be gained from installing an oil cooler. Adding an oil cooler to an engine will result in lower Oil temperatures and increased capacity.

They also increase the life of the oil as the cooler temperatures help to keep the oil within its recommended working temperature.

Adding an oil cooler to an Automatic transmission is an upgrade and sometimes a must! Vehicles fitted with an automatic transmission that are used to tow will always last longer with a transmission oil cooler.

Pulling a trailer can put a lot of stress on a transmission, and that extra weight may cause the transmission to overheat.

For many of the guys into drifting and racing the power steering system tends to get a lot more abuse then everyday driving.

What happens is the power steering fluid tends to boil and spill oil out the reservoirs. Another issue is the increased temperatures tend to wear power steering pumps and seals a lot faster.





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