EAPARTS Fuel Pressure Gauge Liquid Filled

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Eaparts Fuel Pressure Gauge Liquid Filled.

Our gauges are one nice little unit to look at!!

These gauges are perfect for keeping an eye on fuel pressures. Weather its for an old school carburetor engine, or Late model EFI engine.

Having the liquid inside the gauge works to dampen the effect of pulsation and pressure spikes giving you a much more accurate reading.

They work with most fuel pressure regulators.  Adapters can be supplied to tee into existing fuel lines. Perfect for testing fuel pressures when diagnosing vehicles!

•1/8-27 NPT Thread Pitch

•Sleek Black Face Design, Looks Good in Both New and Old School Applications.

•1.5″ / 38mm Diameter.

•Silicone Filled Prevents Pulsation and Spikes. Also eliminating Condensation and Ghosting on The Face Over time.





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