Clutch Lines – Different lengths and Colors

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Clutch Lines, Different lengths and colours available.

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Eaparts Braided Clutch Lines, We stock a range of different clutch lines for your engine gearbox combinations.

Made with Teflon braided line they are well made for the pressures in a hydraulic system.

There is a few different options available and if we don’t have them pre-made to suit your vehicle, We can custom make them to suit.

For custom clutch lines there is an option to add a Dry fit connector. What this means is this product allows a instant disconnect of the clutch line without any leakage or aeration, Can be instantly reconnected without the need of re bleeding the clutch. Perfect for guys at the track or who remove there gearbox often.

All clutch lines supplied with required fittings to install.

What are Braided Clutch Lines Used For?

Clutch lines will be found in vehicles fitted with manual transmissions. The majority of vehicles will usually have a steel hydraulic line with a rubber section from the factory.

Overtime the rubber section of these lines tend to leak or perish and cause problems making it hard to shift into gear or loose clutch all together. A braided clutch line is an affordable replacement and at the same time simplifies the setup. The clutch hydraulic system does not need to be an over engineered piece of hardware. Many oem setups are well over engineered  and quite frankly are overkill. The more connections throughout the line is more places problems can arise further down the track. For more information on how a hydraulic clutch system works

What Are the Benefits of a Braided Clutch Line?

Firstly, As mentioned above they simplify the oem design. Most factory designs consist of Steel lines from the master cylinder. They then run into a long section and do a loop which is what we call the “Clutch Damper”.

They then run threw a short rubber hose from the steel line to the slave cylinder. In our view unnecessary..

The purpose of the damper is exactly what the name states, It dampens the clutch. So in laymen terms it softens the pedal so you do not feel any of the the vibrations from the drive line .

This setup can make bleeding the clutch a pain in the a**! Removing this damper gives you direct pedal feel. It gives direct control to the slave in a shorter amount of distance. It also really cleans up the engine bay which is what we are all about! Not only that it makes the system easier to bleed. So bleeding the clutch isnt a dreaded job once you change to braided.

Examples Where Braided Clutch Lines Are Used?

Our  braided clutch lines can be used in a variety of different applications. Weather its for your weekend track dedicated drift car, or your daily driven work hack. The cost of oem lines can be well overpriced where as our clutch lines can be purchased for a fraction of the price.

It can also be hard to source the required lines for certain vehicles. This is where we can make a custom line to suit your needs. With our custom lines you also have the option to add a dry fit connector.

Extremely popular among the race car guys where dropping gearbox’s is a common exercise. They are also a worthwhile upgrade for the guys running T56 gearbox’s, Removing the clutch lines are always very messy on these particular setups so adding a dry fit connector really tidys up this task when it comes around to doing it. Disconnecting and reconnecting of the clutch line can be done without any leakage of fluid and theres no need to re bleed the system. How cool is that?

Keep an eye on our blog where we will be showing you the side by side comparison and explain the differences between a oem damper clutch line and one of our braided “Damper delete” replacement lines.

For more information on the Teflon PTFE material used in our clutch lines

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