AN10 Heater Upgrade Fittings

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Eaparts  An10 Heater Upgrade Fittings, AN10 Heater outlet replacement and AN10 heater core flange upgrades.

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AN10 Heater Upgrade Fittings, Replacement press fit heater outlet and heater core flanges.

As seen in our heater delete kit and our RB Braided heater conversion kits.

Constructed from quality 6061 T-6 alloy, These fittings are available separately.

Many people have a stock pile of fittings in the shed already so we offer these to purchase individually.

The heater core flanges come with brand new Nitrile o rings and are sold in pairs.

The AN10 block fitting has an additional AN6 side port for guys running coolant on their turbos.


What Are The AN10 Heater Upgrade Fittings Used For?

The block fitting itself is an upgrade for the stock tin outlet.

This fitting is interference fit.

More information about this type of fitting can be found here

As our beloved RB engines are aging, Some of them pushing 30 plus years this outlet has done its dash.

Weather its rusting out or has fully broken away, This fitting is the perfect replacement that will last for many years.

Like our tin heater outlet counterpart, The stock heater outlets also tend to show there age in our cars.

These fittings connect the heater hoses to the heater core. They are constructed from plastic and have well and truly done there dash.

They tend to get very brittle and break away. Removing the heater hoses from these fittings become a delicate job.

Our  heater core fittings replace these brittle plastic outlets and convert them to AN10.

With the addition of our 90° unions and bulkhead fittings these will get the bulkheads through the firewall in a tidy upgraded fashion.


What Are The Benefits Of The AN10 Heater Upgrade Fittings?

With the addition of our AN10 Heater Upgrade Fittings there are a number of benefits to be gained.

Not only are you replacing the known problematic age old heater circuit of the RB engines, You are doing it in a tidy, modern fashion.

Our fittings are constructed from T-6 6061 alloy. There will be no need to worry about replacing these fittings again.

They are also designed for converting the old rubber hoses to braided with AN fittings so it really modernizes the look of your engine bay.

If you ever need to remove the heater hoses they can be simply unscrewed.

No more trying to slide on hoses and tighten hose clamps under those intakes or in those tight complicated areas.

Examples where the AN10 Heater Upgrade Fittings can be used?

As our fittings are really quite a popular option we have a few examples where these kits have been used in the past.

On one customers vehicle the car was built as a track dedicated drift car. The heater system itself was added weight so was fully stripped out from the car.

This car in particular only required our block fitting so the flanges were not necessary.

They were able to achieve a complete heater delete from the front port to the rear port allowing the coolant to still circulate which is the correct way to remove the system.

On another customers vehicle was a certified street car. The heater had been bypassed due to the brittle broken away heater core outlets we talked about above.

With our kit they were able to regain the function of the heater. The customer also wanted to tidy up the system beneath the intake and remove all unnecessary hoses.

This was achieved and he also regained full function of the heater.

Our Complete Heater AN Conversion
Our Heater Delete Circuit

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    Thanks guys much better replacements than the factory fittings that rust out

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