1JZ/2JZ Single Turbo Oil Feed/Return – Different Kits and Colours

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Eaparts 1JZ/2JZ Single Turbo Oil Feed/Return, Different color combinations available

Eaparts 1JZ/2JZ Single Turbo Oil Feed/Return, We supply fittings to suit converting your JZ engine to single turbo.

We offer you a kit in a variety of color combinations with all flanges, Fittings, and braid required to piece together.

Oil feed lines are Teflon 200 series and return lines are 100 Series. The oil feed is an AN4 size  and the drains are AN10 size.

Eaparts also offers hose assembly So if you know the lengths you require we can assemble your hoses for an additional cost.

Available in nylon black or stainless braid with black or red/blue fittings.

1JZ/2JZ Single Turbo Oil Feed/Return Technical Specifications:

Oil feed

  • 1M Teflon 200 Series AN4 braided line
  • Available in 306 Stainless or Nylon Black Outer covering
  • 200 Series AN4 Swivel hose ends 90 Degree and 0 Degree
  • Working Pressure: 4000PSI 275.79BAR
  • Burst Pressure:  12000PSI 827.37BAR
  • Minimum Temp -70° C, Maximum Temp 250 °C
  • Alloy Turbo Feed Flange: 38MM centers on mounting holes, 1MM restrictor
  • Alloy M10 – AN4 Block fitting

Oil Return

  • 1M 100 Series AN10 Braided Line
  • Available in 306 Stainless or Nylon Black Outer covering
  • 100 Series AN10 Swivel hose ends 45 Degree and 0 Degree
  • Working Pressure: 1000 Psi
  • Minimum Temp -40° C, Maximum Temp 150° C
  • Alloy Turbo return Flange: 51MM centers on mounting holes
  • Alloy Block return Flange To run Single AN10 return
  • All flanges include New gaskets and Bolts.

What Is The 1JZ/2JZ Single Turbo Oil Feed/Return For?

Just as the name states. If you decide to convert your factory twin-turbo 1JZ or 2JZ engine over to a single turbo you will require this kit. Simplicity, all you need to plump that turbo in one kit.

Unlike other engines where its almost a change the turbo and use the existing lines, On the JZ engines, they have two turbos which means two sets of lines. So one set has to be blocked. This kit allows that with ease, A lot easier than trying to source individual parts we have done the hard work for you and compiled the required parts into one kit.

What Are The Benefits Of The 1JZ/2JZ Single Turbo Oil Feed/Return?

This kit does exactly what the name states, Not only that if you are upgrading your JZ to a single turbo, Chance’s are you are an enthusiast and take pride in your vehicle. So the clean finish and look these kits give to your engine bay is very satisfying. They also remove unnecessary junk leftover from the twin-turbo oil delivery and return setup.

Examples Where The 1JZ/2JZ Single Turbo Oil Feed/Return Kit Will Be Used:

The Toyota JZ series engines are one of the greatest production engines known to man. They have been known to see four-digit hp figures on stock bottom ends. Extremely reliable in stock form they have become many people’s engine of choice when it comes to engine conversions. When one decides this will be the powerhouse of choice, it is only a matter of time before they begin to seek more from these spartan engines.

Commonly converting these to single turbos is one of the major mods that will really push those power figures through the roof. Obviously depending on the figures you seek supporting mods will be required but the single turbo conversion will definitely be one of the most popular mods that get done to these engines. There’s no avoiding and there’s no denying that these kits will make it a lot easier to get the turbo installed avoiding headaches and hurdles.

If you need a kit customized to suit your requirements, Whether you need a longer feed or different turbo fittings feel free to send us through a message and we will sort out what you need.





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