jz catch can kit
1JZ/2JZ Catch Can Kit – Different Colors and Sizes

Eaparts 1JZ/2JZ Catch Can Kit, Various colors, Sizes Available Can be customized to your requirements

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1JZ/2JZ Single Turbo Oil Feed/Return – Different Kits and Colours

Eaparts 1JZ/2JZ Single Turbo Oil Feed/Return, Different color combinations available

not rated $60.00$136.50 EXCL GST Select options
chev fuel line kit
Chev Fuel Line Kits – Different Braid and Carburettors

Eaparts  SBC/BBC Fuel line kits, Range Of different colors,options and configurations.

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ls braided fuel lines
LS Braided fuel lines Different Braid and Fittings Color

Eaparts LS Braided fuel lines variety of colors and options available.

not rated $72.00 EXCL GST Select options
oil cooler kits
Oil Cooler Kits – Different Sizes, Braid and Fittings Colour
  • Various Sized Coolers Available From 8 Row to 30 Row
  • Cooler Colours Available in Black or Silver
  • AN10 Fittings Included: 2x 90 Degrees, 2x 0 Degrees
  • 2M of Braid, Material: Nylon Black or Stainless
  • Can Also Be Customized To Suit Your Requirements
not rated $180.00$280.00 EXCL GST Select options
RB Braided AN Heater Conversion AN10 – Different Colors, Braid and Options

RB Braided AN heater Hose conversion, Different color options and braid available.

$450.00$520.00 EXCL GST Select options
rb fuel line kits
RB Fuel Line Kits – Different Options

Eaparts RB Fuel line kit , Range of options and styles available. Custom kits available

not rated $162.00$218.00 EXCL GST Select options
jz catch can kit
RB Twin Cam Catch Can Kit – Different Colors, Braid and Sizes

Eaparts RB Twin Cam Catch Can Kit, Various colors, Sizes Available

$250.00$260.00 EXCL GST Select options
Rb Twin Cam Heater Delete
RB Twin Cam Heater Delete – Different Colors, Braid Options

Eaparts RB Twin cam heater delete, available in different colored fittings and different braids.

not rated $150.00$160.00 EXCL GST Select options
RB-SR Braided Power Steering Lines – Different Types and Colors

Eaparts  RB/SR Braided Power Steering Kits, Different color options, Can be custom made to requirements.

$130.00$280.00 EXCL GST Select options
Universal Turbo Feed-Drain Kit – Different Braid, Options and Colours

Eaparts  Universal Turbo Feed/Drain Kit,

AN10 Drain flange, AN4 Feed flange, 1M AN4 Teflon braid, AN4 0 Degree hose end, AN4 90 Degree hose end, 500MM AN10 braid, AN10 0 Degree hose end, AN10 45 Degree hose end.

$122.50$137.50 EXCL GST Select options