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  • Assorted sizes, angles and colours available
    AN Braided Hose Ends
  • Braided Hose
    Fuel, Oil, Coolant Clutch lines custom lengths
  • Wide Range of Fittings
    Weld-ons, metric adapters, quick connect fittings and much more
  • Heater deletes and full AN conversions
    RB Custom AN Heater Delete
  • Custom Press-Fit Fittings
    Rocker covers, heater outlets, radiator outlets and more to come !
  • VR38 Coil Conversion upgrade brackets and hardware
    RB VR38 Coil Conversion Brackets
  • Assorted sizes and colours available
    Oil Coolers
  • AN Braided Hose Ends
    Assorted sizes, angles and colours available
  • Fuel, Oil, Coolant Clutch lines
    Braided Hose
  • Wide Range of Fittings
    Weld-ons, metric adapters, quick connect fittings
  • Heater deletes and full AN conversions
    RB AN Heater Delete
  • Press-Fit Fittings
    Rocker covers, heater & radiator outlets
  • RB VR38 Coil Brackets
    VR38 Coil Conversion upgrade brackets and hardware
  • Assorted sizes and colours.
    Oil Coolers

Welcome to

I started out in July 2019 with the aim to offer quality automotive products to car enthusiasts for a more attractive price, starting out from a friend’s garage building a Nissan 180sx with a turbo ls1 conversion. We got to the stage where it was time to plumb the fuelling and turbo lines and on collecting our fittings and braided lines from a local performance shop, we were astounded at the cost of everything.

I couldn’t justify paying that much again!! Thats when I decided to form

We offer a wide range of automotive parts for the masses; projects ranging from AN fittings, braided hoses, custom engine mounts and custom fittings to suit many vehicles, engines and engine conversions.

Please Note: We are taking an extended break over the New Zealand winter.
When this notice is gone, you will be able to order again.

Our latest items

We are always evolving with the times and adding new parts to our inventory and we strive to keep discount prices. As a car enthusiast myself, I know how damaging car modifications can be to the finances. is an online warehouse to make it easier for you to get what you need for a competitive price without having to leave the garage, saving you time on your weekends, and more time to work on your beloved project.

Unsure of what you require? don’t be shy, we are always here to help out our customers in deciding what parts you require for your projects, our friendly team love a bit of car banter and love seeing pictures of your projects in the making and in finished form.

Check us out today, we can help you to get your project across the finish line. As a lot of R&D has taken place to find the best quality fittings we have released our own brand of EAP fittings as a known cause to the notorious skyline engine has been the factory heater coolant lines, known to leak and cause numerous problems, they are a big job to remedy, rusting away at the engine side. We have designed and tested a quality aftermarket replacement and upgrade, replacing the factory engine tin heater outlet and we have designed a machined lightweight t6061 alloy replacement fitting which converts the fitting to allow the use of AN hose and fittings, perfect for the guys with built engines, gettting rid of the heater altogether. For those of you that still require the luxuries of the heater on those street builds we have designed a kit to replace the stock heater lines with FULL AN conversion hosing custom fittings for the heater core and engine.. tried and tested.. no more leaky hoses or clamps. These are the types of products we offer you.

We have started from nothing and we proudly serve customers in New Zealand and abroad. If you enjoy putting different engines into different cars like myself then you are in the right place. A lot of time and money gets put into fitting those engines into different cars. We work to offer you engine and gearbox mount packages to avoid that headache of mounting issues, testing and designing complete bolt-in mount kits so you can spend more time and money elsewhere in your builds. Current skyline engines and ls series engines are our forte, but we have most Japanese engines in our line of sight for the future to cater for most needs.

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We choose the very best so you can be assured of the quality. There can be no compromises when it comes to materials & durability.


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